For those employees/subcontractors who are paid using the Pocket Money Card, we are constantly improving on our system to ensure the highest levels of cardholder satisfaction and the best possible user experience. The Pocket Money Cards are easy to use and maintain, widely accepted, and extremely convenient.

Wildly Accepted

The Pocket Money Card can be used worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Low Cost Maintenance

The cost of maintaining your Pocket Money Card is kept as low as possible and the first three months are always free.

Easy Withdraw

Funds can be withdrawn at any bank or ATM for a small administrative fee.

No More Cheque Cashing

With the Pocket Money Card, you no longer need to use expensive check cashing services… Our Cards are as good as cash!

Payday Loans (Ontario Only)

Select Pocket Money Cardholders are eligible for Payday Loans straight through their online interface at a fraction of the cost of traditional lenders!

Online Access

Cardholders have access to check their balance, transactions history, payroll history, and much more through our 24-hour, custom-made, user-friendly online access. Mobile App coming soon.

We shall strive to continue increasing the benefits associated with the Pocket Money Cards and will send notifications to clients every time a new partnership has been struck.