Pocket Money Capital currently provides payroll solutions and financial consultation to companies in many different industries but our experience and knowledge allow us to specialize in staffing, transportation, construction, and financial industries.

Staffing Agencies

The Pocket Money Program is perfect for streamlining payroll and payment process for staffing agencies with workforces of five to five thousand.

Transportation Companies

The Pocket Money Card is an excellent tool for providing company drivers and owner operators with capital for fuel advances, unforeseen maintenance expenses, or even pay advances.

Construction Companies

Paying large numbers of subcontractors remotely has never been easier than it could be using the Pocket Money Program.

Finance companies

Whether reimbursing a salesperson for their expenses or commissions or incentivizing brokers and clients, the Pocket Money Card is the easiest way to manage all of your reoccurring reimbursement needs.

Payroll Administration

Pocket Money Capital offers complete payroll administration programs including the calculation and remittance of statutory deductions.

Compensation Program Creation

Pocket Money specializes in the creation and implementation of custom tailored compensation programs, from logistics to execution, no matter how unorthodox your business model may be.

Staffing Consulting

From staffing requirements to payroll administration, Pocket Money Capital is ready and willing to provide ad hoc or term consultation to ensure your company is running as efficiently as possible.

Pocket Money Card Programs

The Pocket Money Card is a highly convenient alternative to traditional remuneration methods and can be implemented with most Pocket Money Programs.

Pocket Money Capital develops and implements programs tailored to the needs of our individual clients. We excel in finding solutions to unconventional funding problems and streamlining payroll and reimbursement processes to the benefit of both the employer and employee.